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Sinus Lifts

The maxillary sinus is a hollow cavity in the skull, positioned just above the roots of the first and second molars in the upper jaw. When excess bone recession occurs in the upper jaw, there is often not enough bone height left in the upper jaw to support a dental implant, without interfering with the maxillary sinus. In cases where the sinus cavity is likely to be engaged upon placing a dental implant, a procedure referred to as “sinus lift” can be performed in order to raise the floor of the sinus, adding bone depth in the area required. Sinus lifts can be fairly simple (performed within the extraction site for a single implant), or they can be more complex (correcting bone deficiencies across the entire sinus).

With over 25 years of experience correcting inadequacies in bone structure, Dr. Starck has the expertise to determine the most conservative treatment options and to apply the appropriate techniques, correcting deficiencies with a high rate of predictability.

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